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Aloha I’m Alex. I’m a Lead Front-End Engineer on’s Identity team where I use my creative problem-solving skills to find scalable solutions. Usually I am using a combination of JavaScript, React, Redux, Webpack, AWS, and Github Actions. I am a devout believer in making the web better one site at a time.

You can find me hacking away with React, Vue, JavaScript, and Sass or anything on the front-end really. I have a good eye for design and I am meticulous about learning and improving my skills. I am currently learning Flutter and Rust, and reteaching myself Golang and Python.

Alexander Garcia is an effective JavaScript Engineer who crafts stunning web experiences.

Alexander Garcia is a meticulous Web Architect who creates scalable, maintainable web solutions.

Alexander Garcia is a passionate Software Consultant who develops extendable, fault-tolerant code.

Alexander Garcia is a detail-oriented Web Developer who builds user-friendly websites.

Alexander Garcia is a passionate Lead Software Engineer who builds user-friendly experiences.

Alexander Garcia is a trailblazing UI Engineer who develops pixel-perfect code and design.

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JavaScript  *  HTML  *  CSS  *  S(a|c)ss  *  JavaScript  *  HTML  *  CSS  *  S(a|c)ss  *  JavaScript  *  HTML  *  CSS  *  S(a|c)ss  *  JavaScript  *  HTML  *  CSS  *  S(a|c)ss  *  JavaScript  *  HTML  *  CSS  *  S(a|c)ss  *  

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Git  *  Python  *  Golang  *  Rust  *  Git  *  Python  *  Golang  *  Rust  *  Git  *  Python  *  Golang  *  Rust  *  Git  *  Python  *  Golang  *  Rust  *  

Github Actions  *  Docker  *  Figma  *  Framer  *  nginx  *  and much more...  *  Github Actions  *  Docker  *  Figma  *  Framer  *  nginx  *  and much more...  *  Github Actions  *  Docker  *  Figma  *  Framer  *  nginx  *  and much more...  *  


I am a Hawaii native, Army Veteran, horror movie connoisseur, and avid tiki mug collector. I always enjoy a good horror movie and have recently gotten into collecting tiki mugs because it reminds me of home.

When I’m not solving hard web problems you’ll find me with my son practicing baseball, playing Rocket League, or doing lawncare.


My mission is to help companies and brands communicate effectively with their users. Creating valuable experiences and interactions when solving your web problems. No project is ever the same but my wide skillset can help you to achieve your goals and reduce your pain-points.

  • Website Reviews
  • Business Strategy
  • User Research
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • Design Systems
  • Creative Development
  • Wireframes & Prototypes
  • Component Libraries
  • Bespoke Development
  • Meticulous Testing