In 2016, after a brief stint in the US Army I decided to follow my passion. That passion led me to pursue educational, financial, and emotional goals. I am enthusiastic and passionate about User Interface Design & Front-end Development.

Learning these new skills has allowed me to cultivate knowledge through different experiences. I design, prototype, test and deliver high-profile customer facing applications. I’m also passionate about learning, collaborating with teams, and acquiring new skills.

I love creating stuff on the web and believe in using the best tools for the job. In my leisure time, I enjoy contributing to Open Source Software (OSS).

Currently at Trusted Mission Solutions as a Software Developer — previously a freelance Front-End Developer.

“90% of design is typography. And the other 90% is whitespace.”
— Jeffrey Zeldman

What am I about?


Photography, type design, snowboarding, kayaking, and watching movies.


Proficient in: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Sass/SCSS, Vue, Nuxt, Git, User Interface (UI) Design, Responsive Web Design and jQuery

Experience with: Node, Express, Gulp, React, Python, User Experience (UX), Object-Oriented Programming, Functional Programming, XML, Java, Android Development, Databases, and PHP

Interested in: Vue, Nuxt, Python, React, and Artificial Intelligence